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Eywa Medical is an Italian company that researches, develops, produces and distributes extremely innovative medical devices.

In our company we consider success as the natural result of being rigorous scientific research, both clinical and technological, and the passionate work of a team of top-level researchers.

The standardized clinical results, recorded in various therapeutic areas (fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, delayed bone consolidation, acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain) make Eywa Medical a unique company in terms of reliability, effectiveness and innovation.

We are constantly committed on 3 fronts:


  1. Contribute to consolidating clinical experience in the field of infra- and intra-cellular communication processes, passing throughlaboratory research to therapeutic application with technologies capable of counteracting and resolving widespread symptoms and pathologies, with increasingly greater effectiveness.

  2. Validate, through multipleScientific studies, the clinical effectiveness of Limfa® Therapy technology, with the aim of scientifically demonstrating how capable it is of effectively treating specific therapeutic areas.

  3. Continue ittechnological development to be able to apply the results of our research with ever greater effectiveness.


The Evidence Based Medicine EBM pyramid

"If something can't be expressed in numbers it's not science: it's opinion."


Robert Anson Heinlein

Scientific research is the basis of all our new technological developments and we invest 20% of our turnover every year to be able to effectively cure and treat more and more pathologies.

EBM(Evidence Based Medicine)

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