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Eywa srl is a company based in Italy that designs, develops, manufactures and markets highly innovative medical devices.

Our company considers the success as the result of rigorous scientific research, of financial investments in non-stop technology research and the passionate work of a high level international team.
The clinical results, recorded in all the different therapeutic areas, make Eywa a unique company in terms of reliability, efficiency and innovation.

We constantly work on:

  1. To contribute to consolidating clinical expertise in the field of infra- and intracellular communication, moving from laboratory research to the in vivo application of therapies which, with the use of our technologies, can resolve widespread symptoms and pathologies with increasing effectiveness..

  2. To validate, through scientific and observational studies, the clinical efficacy of Limfa® Therapy, with the aim of scientifically demonstrating its ability to be effective in different therapeutic areas.

  3. To continue the development of new sequences and to be able to apply the results of our research in an increasingly precise and safe way.


"If it can't be expressed in numbers, it is not science; it is opinion."


Robert Anson Heinlein

Scientific research is the basis for the development of our technologies, and each year we invest 20% of our revenue in curing and treating diseases more effectively.

EBM(Evidence Based Medicine)

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