The working principle:

Cellular Communication

Cells Talk

Recent studies have shown that some complex ultra low sequences of magneto-electric fields, consistent with the cell's electrical charge, are biologically active.The forced "vibration" of all the free ions on the surface of the plasma membrane of the cell, following the pattern predefined by the LIMFA® Therapy sequences, is able to atypically open the electro-sensitive channels of the cell membrane and therefore to cause an alteration of the balance and electrochemical functions of the cell.


Without reported side effects, LIMFA® Therapy acts automatically and in any phase of the pathological or surgical course, representing an extraordinary innovation in the field of physical recovery and tissue repair, allowing the patient to return to normal functionality in significantly reduced times, without using drugs or using them in limited doses.

A PURE digital signal

The fruit of Italian research, LIMFA © Therapy is a medical device for non-invasive cellular stimulation, through ultra-weak, complex and patented magneto-electric fields which, by entering into bio-resonance with cellular ions, are able to accelerate self-repair cell with an average efficacy, scientifically proven, of 80%.


To get the most out of LIMFA® Therapy sequences, the signal must reach the cells without electromagnetic noise and that is why we have developed an electromedical computer capable of emitting digital signals free of 99% electromagnetic noise. This led the LIMFA® device to therapeutic efficacy never previously achieved in rehabilitation.


LIMFA® protocols are based on information processes without the secondary physical effects induced, however, by the usual transmission of energy in the human body.

Limfa®, communicating to the injured cells using complex therapeutic sequences to stimulate the self-repair and regeneration process, is applicable since the acute phase because  it does not release energy to the body.


About 500 documented cases, published in authoritative journals, attest its effectiveness in orthopedics, physiatrics and physiotherapy.

LIMFA® has been tested by prestigious universities and research institutes that certify its absolute safety both for patients and operators.


TUV Rheinland certification, important scientific and clinical references, extensive studies on a national scale, certify Limfa® effectiveness.


Easy to use, with no variable costs or consumables, it can also treat two patients at the same time, applicable on clothes, plasters, bandage and compatible with prosthesis.