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+ 54%     mobility*

-  67%     pain (VAS)**

+ 85%     satisfaction***

148 cases (*) “Treatment with ultraweak electromagnetic fields significantly improves joint mobility and reduces pain. Study in 148 cases affected by osteo-articular pathologies.” F. Anzivino, G. Calvosa, F. Conconi.— Sphera, Year 9—N. 18 July 2013

52 cases (**) Application of ultraweak magnetic fields (CMU) to 52 patients with osteo-articular pathologies: Observational study in General Medicine S. Andreani, G. Bacilieri, C. Casaroli, A.Cavallari, G. Carrà, J. Del Greco and F. Levato

30 cases (***) The use of ultraweak magnetic fields (LIMFA®) in osteoarticular pathologies  -  Ital J Rehab Med - MR-441  -  L. Prioli

Rheumatology:  FIBROMYALGIA

- 67%     pain (FIQ)*

37 casi  (*)  Efficacy of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (ELF-MF) in the Treatment of Patients with Fibromyalgia: Prof. Saraceni, Paolucci. Università L a Sapienza di Roma—ISPRM 2015


-  96%     pain DOMS 2 days (VAS)*

-  81%     tendinitis: 6 days*

17 cases  (*) Effectiveness of the fields  ultra-weak magnetic fields in professional football  - A. Valent  - Physiotherapist Nr 6  (2014)

Orthopaedy:  Delay of BONE HEALING

+ 90%     osteogenesis

(5 weeks - 15 treatments)

INDEX 2 - Hammer Score *

17 cases (*) “Effectiveness of treatment with ultraweak magnetic fields in delayed union and nonunion following skeletal fractures of the limbs: study protocol and preliminary observations”  - National Institute for Insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases (INAIL), INAIL Motor Rehabilitation Center of Volterra
2 U.O. of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Hospitals Riuniti Santa Maria Maddalena of Volterra, Local Health Authority 5 Pisa  -  O. Pierini, E. Taglione, M. Amitrano, G Della Polla, K. Del Testa, A R Mirarchi, G. Calvosa, P. Catitti.

Rheumatology:  OSTEOPOROSIS

+ 14%     Bone Transmission Time

(6 weeks - 12 treatments)

9 cases  (*)  “Effect of LIMFA® Therapy in patients undergoing treatment to counteract the decrease in bone density and changes in the microarchitecture of the bones”  -  Dr. Alberto Lorè  -   Medical Services Physiotherapic Studio (L'Aquila)  -  In collaboration with S. Salvatore L'Aquila Hospital

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